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Aileen MacDonald

Work Phone: (905) 792-6454
Cellular: (905) 452-4090

Ian Scott

Work Phone: (416) 593-2428
Cellular: (416) 801-4371

Home Address: 166 Grace Street,
Toronto, Ontario, Canada M6G 3A6
Home Phone: (416) 516-4371

Email us at mail@scottsource.ca

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Welcome to our web site!

Check out our new house!

This site was born with the intention of disseminating news about our wedding plans. However, as we were putting it together we realized that it would be a good way to share other information as well. In this day and age, where families are so spread out, it seemed like this might also be a way of keeping in touch over the longer term.

While the first incarnation was heavily weighted towards our upcoming nuptials, over time we will expand to add sections and materials devoted to our families.

So, please enjoy this site, but as you click through, think about what you might want to add, and let us know.